I have a small project to implement the Matrix client API in Common Lisp. If anyone wants to help, the git repo is at

There will also be a client, named “Vertice”, that will be a CLIM application. The repo (no code yet) is at

Merge requests and testing are encouraged.
Lisp (x) Matrix (x)

Reshared for the message on the sign. I still think weeb shit is degenerate.

>he does not like dragons
Axe Friendica
Is Quetzalcoatl really considered a dragon anyway?
a flying scaly winged reptilian(snake) magic creature? i guess it checks enough of the right boxes.

people who prey on children will bite the curb

Axe Friendica
That's the wake up call we've all felt ring through our very souls.

@igeljaeger @roka
The fediverse is now gabfugee territory so please crawl back to whatever twitter safe space you came from

Up for two days and this happens…

Ɽł₵Ⱨ₳ⱤĐ Ⱬ₴Ɇ₥฿ɆⱤł
Ɽł₵Ⱨ₳ⱤĐ Ⱬ₴Ɇ₥฿ɆⱤł
2 hours ago — (Im Berge, 58640 Iserlohn, Deutschland)

Michael Vogel
2018-11-21 19:46:03
Possibly jurisdictional content from
!Friendica Admins I just saw this tweet:

There is a new Friendica server called This seems to be run by a right wing group. According to what can be already seen in the posts of users from this server, the danger is high that their users will distribute content that is prohibited in several countries, for example symbols of organizations of the 3rd Reich. And one can imagine that more will come, since this seems to be a reaction to the decision by Gab to ban a person because of the content that the person had written:

I, personally, have already blocked that system on my both servers and
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That didnt take long
OY VEY!!! Shut it down!! Only Liberal views are allowed, goyim!

Jews did female circumcision?
In the wake of that Jewish judge letting the clit-cutters off, I decided to look into Jewish involvement in female genital mutilation.

The Jews seem to universally claim that they never did this, apart from the fact that practically all the Ethiopian Jews reported doing this (they apparently have been culturally colonized into not doing FGM in Israel).

Of course.. we know that the Jews also claim ritual murder never happened.

So, would it not be reasonable to conclude that Jews may have been the very origin of FGM- with the Ashkenazim discontinuing the practice in Europe because having weird fucked up genitals made gene theft harder?
Axe Friendica
I don't know why they wouldn't be behind it. It's essentially the same concept as the male version, and it originated in the same part of the world around the same time, and is just as bad for the party involved.
If your crops were eaten by rabbits, and your neighbor's crops were almost the same as yours, and eaten in almost the same way as yours, it's safe to assume the rabbits did it too.

Antifa block list

We need to get in touch with the non-degenerate instances on this list. The more we follow their guys, the more of their stuff will show up on our server.
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So this is Antifa's blocklist not a list of antifa we should block?

I looked at a few of these and they seem to just add the entire instance or whatever they're called to the block list because of one user's shitposting. We should concern troll them into blocking some others at random by making an account and shitposting on normie instances
Feel free…

Another test
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