American Bobtail

Die American Bobtail ist eine relativ neue Katzenrasse, die in den späten 1960ern entstanden ist. Sie ist wegen ihres kurzen Schwanzes („Bobtail“) bemerkenswert, der nur ein Drittel bis zur Hälfte der Länge eines normalen Katzenschwanzes hat. Dies ist das Ergebnis einer genetischen Mutation, die die Entwicklung des Schwanzes betrifft, ähnlich wie bei der Manx-Katze. Die Katze ist nicht verwandt mit der Japanese Bobtail, trotz des ähnlichen Namens und des ähnlichen Typs. Die Zuchtprogramme sind vollständig unabhängig und das Gen, das die Mutation hervorruft, ist bei beiden Rassen unterschiedlich. Bei der American Bobtail ist das Gen dominant, bei der Japanese Bobtail rezessiv.

Die American Bobtail ist eine sehr stämmige Rasse, die es sowohl in Kurzhaar als auch in Langhaar gibt. Ihr Fell ist eher zottelig als dicht und flauschig. Jede Fell- und Augenfarbe ist erlaubt, der Schwerpunkt bei den Ausstellungstieren liegt aber bei „wilden“ Tabby-Mustern.
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Looking for new frens.

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Soy Children and Their Soy Religion

I often randomly read things on Wikipedia. It's a good hobby. I end up knowing a lot of random things from it, and I am not exposed to anything offensive in the process. The fact that the things I read are so niche and beyond the public focus should somewhat moderate the fact that wiki is curated by a giant hive of neomarxists, though I still take every word with a grain of salt.

Today I learned about the O'Neill Cylinder:

The O'Neill Soylinder seems like the perfect technofuturist deathtrap.

As a long term space station, its design is of a large cylinder, oriented on its axis towards the sun. The cylinder would rotate on its axis to create pseudogravity, with windows running the length and with an aperture on the sunward end to open and close, simulating day/night cycles.

Just think about all the points of failure in it.

If a meteorite hits a window everyone dies.

If a technical error causes the little gyroscopic motors to fuck up a bit so it can no longer point at the sun, all plants die and everyone freezes, starves or both.

If the giant shutter freezes up and day night cycles disrupted, everyone either barbecues or freezes in pitch blackness.

What if they all lived in that thing, but then instituted egalitarianism and then bred everyone to be 85 IQ in the name of equality, who is going to maintain the colony's engineering?

What are they going to do when they run out of minerals?

The whole concept is staggeringly stupid. I don't need any complex scientific education to figure that out, either.

What is it with soy people and wanting to create a highly complex technofix to try to replace the perfectly decent, naturally occurring, self contained, organically generating and self stabilizing systems in nature?

It could be related somehow to how they fundamentally hate nature, although they don't understand it very well.

They want Star Trek, too, but Star Trek was hierarchial: you had to be capable and smart to rise in the ranks, and to be given power.If you proved yourself capable, you were promoted.

It could also be about how they think that they can create a perfect order in which there's no struggle; a perfectly consonant system. If we pretend for a second that was doable, it could be done without a damned space station, which theoretically from their POV doesn't help their goal at all. They could just do it with social engineering here and now.

The bright side of this conversation about soychildren and their soy religion is that enough people are becoming skeptical of it that we are reentering the age of superstition.

Prior to the recent schism, there was this feeling that truth was precisely known and objectively held by a vast global network of smart people, and if you didn't know it you were uneducated, and if you disagreed you were mentally damaged. This is what is called scientism.

Now, due to mistrust of that large international network, due to its loss of credibility for ideologic reasons, little clusters of people are attempting to find what is real and true on their own, with far more limited capacity.

For example, I went in a fitness discord that turned out to be a self improvement discord with fitness as one of many themes. There, they espoused the certain value of:
-cold showers
-no masturbation
-no pharmaceuticals

They had put together a theory of what optimizes a human being, and were convinced of it, like a baby version of all the weird things that various Greek cults tried and advocated for.

The nice thing though was that even though a lot of what they pushed was bullshit, they at least had it centered on some form of ideal. In their case, they idealized being an ascetic dumb hippie, whereas modern soykids have all the verified info in the world but do not believe in standards or optima.

This reactionary rejection of the preachings of the global soy cathedral has pretty much hit mainstream, so soon we will probably have millions of little independent rings of ignorants trying to chase their perceived optima, with neither verified information nor a reliable means of verifying new information.

It turns out, there are limits to human knowledge, what humans can accomplish, and what humans ultimately even benefit from focusing on or attempting.

Some of us out there are not pencil dicked STEM nerds and do not masturbate to spreadsheets or videos of people unboxing electronics. Some of us have thus realized that scientific achievement is something with diminishing returns, coming at a marginal cost from other areas of life. Some of us could not be more ecstatic to see the pendulum beginning to swing the other way, and for an age of ignorant passion in the West.

Of reason, passion and data, you get to pick two:
-reason + data = soyboys
-passion + data = spergs
-reason + passion = Hellenic golden age

Your choice, pencil dick.

Crypto is still a bubble.

>“Some months ago, my son said, ‘Dad, buy this thing, Pepe, it’s rare.’ I don’t know what the fuck.” He shrugged. “It’s like rounding out my crypto portfolio.”

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The Future is the 90s: Blogrings and Subcultures

-mass culture is boring (lowest common denominator)
-mass culture is also extremely risky (say the wrong word and one of 81937434 offended minority groups screech that you are oppressing them, resulting in your financial ruin)
-therefore I expect people to start to rely more on blog rings and subcultures, initially just to get some breathing room, with higher level discourse as a side effect
-blogging has several clear cut benefits over forums and social media for purposes of establishing higher level discourse, this is all a net benefit

Those of us who have been on the internet a while remember small niche sites and blog rings.

Small forums were the first thing to arise after shitty Geocities sites finally got comments sections. They had quirks, customs unique to them, an often high grade of discourse and topical knowledge, and specific rules for moderation to maximize quality.

A few of these holdouts still exist, but in the last few years big sites (i.e. reddit) have siphoned off all of their posters. Why would someone post somewhere and wait a day for a reply when they could post on some subreddit with thousands of people active at all hours? Thus, small forums died out.

The problem is, big sites have no room for "small site benefits." They are mostly newbies and casuals by definition, since most of the population does not care that much about any given hobby or topic, so all discussion is very entry level.

"Hi guys I just started, what do I do lol?" "read the sticky!" x10,000.

On a political note, when your userbase is a giant undifferentiated horde, nothing said by anyone may offend /anyone/, because if it does, it decreases the size of the userbase and thus the overall competitiveness of the site for traffic. Right wing thought, which states that some are better and more desirable than others and by extension says some are bad and to be excluded, becomes verboten. The hosts are just doing what is in their interests, maximizing their traffic at all costs. Ten thousand morons sharing cat memes with each other is more financially valuable than ten geniuses trading high level specialized information.

Because nobody ends up being allowed to say anything remotely interesting, this ends up being boring as fuck, the singular monoculture of liberal inclusiveness is not satisfying to anyone and is full of low level garbage discussion on all topics.

The solution, I believe, is to differentiate.

Online, blogs offer a way out: they offer high level discourse to whatever extent the author chooses, an environment with no equality (not everyone's voice matters on a blog, what are you gonna do, downvote the author?), and voluntary association via blogrings to drive traffic without the need of intermediaries like google.

I suspect this will begin to happen somewhat naturally, as people get too burnt out on the sick, oppressive and profoundly boring monoculture the NO FUN ALLOWED big tech liberals have created.

I expect the same thing IRL. Subculture fizzled around 2008, but prior to that the USA had a distinct atmosphere of people grouping up with others similar to them, away from the maddening herd. Now it's just random goblins in a giant mass culture where nobody is really distinct from anyone else in terms of worldview.

A splintering will probably just authentically occur, as everyone is pretty fucking sick of not being able to say or do anything for fear of offending a list of groups growing too long to wrap one's head around.

The "general public" has realized their mutual hostility, any interaction activity other than selling each other products and services carries carries the increasingly steep risk of getting ostracized and financially destroyed, so I expect people to begin to withdraw and create havens where they can be themselves a bit more.

Ultimately, this is good news for the right, because intelligent NRx bloggers built the new right. You may have noticed, but the "alt right" destroyed what NRx built. "Hey guys what if you can be a smart person who also does not believe in even a single shred of liberalism or feminism?" "...Yeah I agree with this guy, let's do the biggest most absurd neo nazi march ever!!! the last 50 years of them went so well we need to do an even bigger one!" Meanwhile NRx guys just blogging about right wing views intelligently are the only reason any of those turds even realized right wing ideas were smart in the first place.

Ultimately this transformation of society from a liberal technotheocracy back into something functional relies pivotally on smart bloggers. Right now we need a lot more nonviolent intellectuals bravely NOTICING, and PUBLISHING THEIR NOTICINGS, and a lot less glue sniffers livestreaming protests. Even if some protest or whatever is ultimately necessary, without the intellectual drivers of ideas, the whole movement will fizzle.
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The modern US Air Force- has Instagram thots trying to ghostwrite their evals on clickbait aviation photo sites.
Truly formidable

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An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

All too often whites, especially shitlib whites, brush off anti-white talk under various excuses, ranging from notions of maturity to agreeing with the attack on various pretexts.

This is bad because what you tolerate, you get more of. Today it's some black news man saying "America's biggest problem is white men," tomorrow we join South Africa in a situation where all land is seized from us but we are not allowed to leave.

In response I think it would be smart to push the phrase, "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us."

Next time a white person says they hate white people, you could just say "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, idiot."

Anyone could repeat the phrase, poster the phrase, use it in any number of ways.

That could quickly rally a lot of people to suddenly create a society that is really hostile towards anti white talk, which is GOOD, because WE DESERVE TO EXIST.
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